Do you have a spare room or two?

Did you know that your spare room could earn you a tidy sum every month? It could be worth between about £300 and £680 per month (*). It could pay for your mortgage, your car, or simply take the pressure off your finances.

Here’s how it works:

Bring us your spare room, and we’ll match you with regular paying guests. Our guests are care-agency workers who need a bed for a few nights a month, in-between placements as live-in carers. By the way, as these guests work with vulnerable people, they have all been DBS-checked (formerly CRB).

Your room will be a base to which they return once or twice a month. This provides them with stability, and it provides you with regular income. Since the room will be their base, they may ask you to store one suitcase for them. Of course you will receive a fixed monthly fee for providing that small service, in addition to the per-night fees.

(*) So how much can you expect to earn?

Each spare room can typically generate between £300 and £680 per month. If you have more than one room available, your income potential increases accordingly. The exact amount depends on how many regular guests are allocated to you (which is up to you) and the demand in your particular area.

For more details, check out the Q&A page, or contact us.

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